Mr. Morawiecki Said That EU Has Lost Interest In New Sanctions

Mr. Morawiecki said that the European Union has lost interest in new sanctions against Russia 

Speaking on Polish radio RMF, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said the EU was “tired” of sanctions and “didn’t want” to impose new sanctions on Russia.

According to the official, Poland constantly signals to Brussels about “holes and loopholes that Russia is using to evade sanctions”, and “leads” the bloc on the target of each package of sanctions.

Prime Minister

Morawiecki expressed optimism that the topic of more sanctions would come up again “in the coming weeks” despite this.

Against Russia, the EU has already enacted 10 sets of sanctions. It was previously rumored that limitations on Russian diamonds and Rosatom, the nation’s national nuclear energy corporation, might be part of a potential 11th package.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Russia could claim compensation for the Nord Stream explosions.

Dmitry Birichevsky, head of the economic cooperation department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said Russia could claim compensation for the damage caused by last year’s Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion.

The diplomat added that Western countries oppose a draft UN Security Council resolution calling for an independent international investigation into the Nord Stream explosions.

“Even so, we intend to continue to demand a full and open international investigation with the mandatory participation of Russian representatives,” Birichevsky said.

EU may impose sanctions on Central Asian countries

According to a confidential document seen by Telegraph, the European Union may implement punitive measures against Central Asian nations for allegedly aiding Russia in evading sanctions.
Washing machines, old automobiles, and cameras are among the “dual-use” commodities that have seen a large increase in trade between the EU and Central Asian nations, according to EU officials.

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