WHO Identifies a New Pandemic in China, South Korea and Germany

WHO identifies a surge in new pandemic cases in China, South Korea and Germany.

Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebrejesus in the press conference in Geneva said that we identified a surge in new pandemic cases in China, South Korea, and Germany over the weekend, yesterday, after a number of restriction rules were revoked.
In South Korea, bars and clubs were closed due to cases that Corona confirmed caused many contacts to be tracked,
China again announced the new case of Covid-19 after a month without a new case of infection.

Germany also reported an additional new case of Corona after the last few days gradually re-opening business activities. Chancellor Angela Merkel recently reported a new cluster of coronavirus cases in a slaughterhouse and nursing home.

Public Health Institutes say that it is still too early to draw conclusions from the coronavirus wave that changed ends perfectly. But there will be new infections making governments and citizens need to be aware of its development potential in the coming days.
“Fortunately, all three countries have a system to detect and respond to new viruses that appear. WHO changed the guidelines and six stages to consider the state before removing or loosening the lockdown area, “he explained.
Tedros warns that a rush step can unlock the potential of COVID-19 to re-transmission, threatening the lives of the community further. Removing the restriction too quickly can lead to greater transmission.

Not only Tedros, INSERM CEO Christian Brechot, warns to any government in the world to be cautious in dealing with registered viruses not to underestimate.
In addition, there needs to be a moment for increased production and distribution, as well as giving vaccines.

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